Lesson 1 and 2– Computer Software

Learning Objectives

  • To name, explain and understand various pieces of computing software

Learning Outcomes

All must – Complete the presentation.  The presentation will have short answers, sometimes lacking details and the presentation will be functional, but not have many changes compared to the original skeleton presentation. (Developing)

Most should – Complete the presentation to a good standard.  The presentation will have good answers (some detailed).  The presentation will be functional and will have been edited to make it look professional looking. (Meeting)

Some could – Complete the presentation to a high and detailed standard.  The presentation will have good answers (mostly detailed). The presentation will be professional looking.  It will have been extended to include the extension activities highlighted. (Exceeding)


Words to learn: software, application, utility, operating system


Your teacher will demonstrate various software packages.  Since these are all applications that run on a computing device, that you cannot physically touch, are they hardware or software?

You will now research different computing packages and find out some key facts about these computing packages.  You will put together your findings in the form of a presentation.

To help you get started we have produced a “skeleton” presentation, which tells you what devices to find out about and some questions to answer for each.  You will notice there is a blank space to the left of each slide – find a relevant picture and place it in the blank space.

Click here to open the skeleton presentation

Once you are finished, print out your slides four to a page and place the printout in your folder.


Your teacher will carry out a Kahoot! quiz with the class (teachers – click here to setup the quiz).  Use your proper name as your nickname, so your teacher can check what you have learned during these lessons.