Term 5 – More Computer Theory


In this unit you will learn about the different types of computer software that are available for computers, phones and tablets.  You will learn about how computers use different number systems (binary and denary).  You will learn about how logic gates work and how a processor uses logic gates to make decisions.

Lesson 1 and 2– Computer Software

Learning Objectives To name, explain and understand various pieces of computing software Learning Outcomes All must – Complete the presentation.  The presentation will have short answers, sometimes lacking details and the presentation will be functional, but not have many changes compared to the original skeleton presentation. (Developing) Most should – Complete the presentation to a good […]

Lesson 4 – Logic Gates (AND, OR, NOT)

Learning Objectives Understand that a processor is made up of millions of logic gates Understand what AND, OR and NOT logic gates do Know how to write a truth table for each logic gate Create logic gate circuits to solve problems Learning Outcomes All must know that a processor is made up of millions of logic gates. […]

Lesson 5 – Data Protection Act

Learning Objectives Understand why the Data Protection Act was written Describe the eight principles that must be followed when storing personal data To know what rights data subjects have under the Act To understand what sensitive data is and why it must be treated carefully Learning Outcomes All must (with help) create a presentation explaining the eight principles, […]

Lesson 6 – Computer Misuse Act

Learning Objectives Understand why the Computer Misuse Act was written Describe the four main offences and punishments in order of severity To describe what practical measures individuals and companies can take to reduce the risk of being a victim of computer misuse Learning Outcomes All must (with help) create a presentation explaining what hacking is, the four offences and […]

Lesson 7 – Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

Learning Objectives To understand what the concept of copyright is To understand the importance of copyright for society To be familiar with the concept of licences and Digital Rights Management Learning Outcomes All must watch the videos on what copyright and licencing is.  Create a basic presentation on copyright, licencing and piracy. (Level 4) Most should watch the […]