Term 3 – Website Design


This term we’ll start looking at website design in some detail.
These are the lessons for the term:

1 The Internet and the World Wide Web

Learning Objectives You: Must create folders to store work produced during this unit and begin to code a basic web page using HTML. (Developing/Level 4) Should complete a basic HTML web page. (Meeting/Level 5) Could do all of the above and complete the extra HTML exercises independently. (Exceeding/Level 6) Learning Outcomes Create folders to store […]

2 Looking inside websites

Learning Objectives In part 2 you will: Add hyperlinks to HTML web pages. Add background colours to HTML web pages. Add foreground colours to HTML web pages. Add images to HTML web pages. Learning Outcomes Must have completed the basic HTML web page from part 1 and coded some hyperlinks. (Level 5/Developing) Should add more advanced HTML features […]

3 Using CSS to create neat format and layout.

Learning Objectives Learn about the need for uniform code across each page of a website. Create a basic stylesheet. Create a layout for the website design, which can be applied to each page in the site. Learning Outcomes Must understand what css is used for, and why it can save time. (Level 5) Should make a simple style sheet […]

4 It’s alive! Making a JavaScript quiz

Learning Objectives Experiment making dynamic, interactive websites with javascript Learning Outcomes Must Understand the importance of JavaScript in website design.  Study the structure of a simple html/css/js site, identifying the three technologies (Developing/Level 5) Should Add working JavaScript to a page, and make a working quiz question. (Meeting/Level 6) Could expand quiz, and show mastery of the three technologies, […]

5 What Makes a Good Website?

Learning Objectives Using examples, be able to describe what features a well designed website will have Know some of the laws relating to website design Understand the terms ‘audience’, ‘purpose’ and ‘fitness for purpose’ Show that you can take into account audience needs Keywords Words to learn: purpose, fitness for purpose, target audience, theme Starter […]