Term 4 – Spreadsheets


– Spreadsheets – 

In this unit you will look at what a spreadsheet is and why it is a useful tool when working with numeric data.  You will be able to design simple formulae and use some of the tools in Microsoft Excel such as AutoFill.  You will be able to format numeric data in a manner that is useful for your intended audience.  You will be able to produce and customise graphs.  You will be able to use conditional formatting to highlight actions that need to be taken.  You will also see how a spreadsheet package can be used to produce a simple mailing list that can be used by a word processing package to create a “mail merge”.
All the work done for the unit will be based on the new restaurant “Belper Bistro”, so you will have to consider a realistic business situation, and look at some of the challenges in running a successful small business.

Lesson 1 – Belper Bistro Costs

Lesson Objectives * To develop basic skills in working with spreadsheets * Be able to use basic SUM formula * Be able to use the fill down handle Learning Outcomes Must Revise and refresh spreadsheet skills learnt in Y8. (Grade 4) Should complete the basic spreadsheet showing Bob’s sales figures, and decorate it with rich text […]

Lesson 2 – Timetables

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Look at more varied uses of a spreadsheet.  In this case specifically,  how it can help us create timetable for the Bistro Must Create a staff timetable for Belper Bistro, using appropriate formatting. Should Use the Countif function to tally the numbers of hours worked by different staff. Could Combine the sheet […]

Lesson 3 – The Menu

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must Add a worksheet to the ongoing Belper Bistro Spreadsheet including dishes and ingredients. Should Conduct research into calorific content of specific foods, including this information on the spreadsheet, which will highlight “healthy options”. Could Work out the cost to make individual dishes. Keywords Words to learn for this lesson are:  Calories, […]