Term 1 – Game Design

This term you’ll be learning about the art and science behind video game design. Using the free Godot game engine (download here), you’ll be able to make your own games for PC/Console/Phones/Tablets. Choose your lesson from the list below:

Year 9 Course Preparation

Learning Objectives To prepare for the course Join Google Classroom Prepare Shared online folder structure for lessons Prepare Local folder structure Access School Mail account. Complete Skill Audit Learning Outcomes All must prepare digital resources for use in the coming course.  Answer questions on current skills and aspirations for coming year Most should Reflect on current […]

Lesson 5 – Godot Introduction

Learning Objectives To understand the purpose of Godot Game Engine To create a new project To add our character to the game Learning Outcomes All must Create a basic project in the Godot engine. (Level 5) Most should Import the character into the engine, scale the character appropriately. (Level 6) Some could Run the “empty” game, understand the […]

Lesson 6 Platforms and Jumping (1)

Learning Objectives To add platforms to the game. To make the main character jump. To understand the jump physics. Learning Outcomes All must Add script to main character. (Level 5) Most should Create a navegable series of platforms in the game. (Level 6) Some could Layout the first level, adjust the Character’s jump to reach all platforms. (Level 7) […]