Year 9

Choose the unit you are working on from the list below:

Term 1 – Game Design

This term you’ll be learning about the art and science behind video game design. Using the free Godot game engine (download here), you’ll be able to make your own games for PC/Console/Phones/Tablets. Choose your lesson from the list below:

Term 2 – Computer Theory

In this unit you will look at many aspects of how computers are used in the modern world.  You will look at what mobile phones can do, how to select and buy a computer, how to set up a home network, storing and backing up data, the Internet, dangers online and e-commerce. Lesson 1 – Mobile Phones – […]

Term 3 – Website Design

This term we’ll start looking at website design in some detail. These are the lessons for the term:

Term 4 – More Python

Why learn Python? 1. Easy-to-Learn Python is a great introduction to proper programming.  It is a simple language, with quick and easy ways to achieve complex tasks.  Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++. It has a clear, uncluttered layout which makes it easy to read and […]

Term 5 – More Computer Theory

In this unit you will learn about the different types of computer software that are available for computers, phones and tablets.  You will learn about how computers use different number systems (binary and denary).  You will learn about how logic gates work and how a processor uses logic gates to make decisions.

Term 4 – Spreadsheets

– Spreadsheets –  In this unit you will look at what a spreadsheet is and why it is a useful tool when working with numeric data.  You will be able to design simple formulae and use some of the tools in Microsoft Excel such as AutoFill.  You will be able to format numeric data in […]

Term 5 – TouchDevelop

In this unit you will look at developing Windows Phone applications using an online app development tool called TouchDevelop, produced by Microsoft Research.  You will learn how to create simple apps, produce a simple first game, use pre-written code created by others, review existing apps, design and create an app of your own. Getting Used […]

Term 5 – Databases

Click on the links below to access the materials for each lesson: The Corpus of Data –  Tables, fields and records Forms and Validation Importing and Filtering Data. Asking the database for data  – Queries. Presenting the Data – Reports