Terms 3 and 4 – Integrated Project


In this unit you will help Thora Thunders (managing director of Mayhem Manor) come up with all the documents she needs for a new water ride.  You will help produce a model of how the ride will work, produce a spreadsheet showing the finances, produce a marketing poster and put all the information together into a presentation that Thora can present to the directors of the theme park.

Opening Video

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Course Preparation Year 8

Learning Objectives To prepare for the course Join Google Classroom Prepare Shared online folder structure for lessons Prepare Local folder structure Access School Mail account. Complete Skill Audit Learning Outcomes All must prepare digital resources for use in the coming course.  Answer questions on current skills and aspirations for coming year Most should Reflect on current […]

Y8 Integrated project assessment

Learning Outcomes Complete unit assessment. Objectives: Must Finish all questions in unit assessment Should Could Keywords Words to learn for this lesson are: Starter No starter! Main First, you’ll need to complete the spreadsheet found here. (Right-click on the link and save the file before you complete the spreadsheet) Plenary This is a quick link […]