Term 6 – ICT and Computing Theory

This term you will look at more of the theory behind ICT and Computer Science, and increase your understanding of how computing devices actually work, and also look at some of the threats and problems facing us as users of technology.

Lesson 1- All about your Phone

Add New Learning Objectives Understand the main features of mobile phones. Gain a greater appreciation of the potential and power of mobile phones. Consider the benefits of different phone features to make an informed choice when buying a phone. Learning Outcomes Must be able to identify the features of a mobile phone and discuss these […]

Lesson 2 – Laptop or Desktop?

Learning Objectives Understand the main differences between laptop and desktop computers. Look at the necessary considerations when buying a laptop. Consider the advantages of different machines in different situations. Learning Outcomes Must know about the different types of computer that are available. (Level 5) Should recommend a type of computer for different types of users and different types […]

Lesson 3 – Copyright and Copyleft

Learning Objectives To understand what the concept of copyright is To understand the importance of copyright for society To be familiar with the concept of licences and Digital Rights Management Learning Outcomes All must watch the videos on what copyright and licencing is.  Create a basic presentation on copyright, licencing and piracy. (Developing) Most should watch the videos […]

Lesson 4 – Computer Misuse

Learning Objectives Understand why the Computer Misuse Act was written Describe the four main offences and punishments in order of severity To describe what practical measures individuals and companies can take to reduce the risk of being a victim of computer misuse Learning Outcomes All must (with help) create a presentation explaining what hacking is, the four offences and […]