Year 8

Choose the unit you are working on from the list below:

Terms 3 and 4 – Integrated Project

In this unit you will help Thora Thunders (managing director of Mayhem Manor) come up with all the documents she needs for a new water ride.  You will help produce a model of how the ride will work, produce a spreadsheet showing the finances, produce a marketing poster and put all the information together into […]

Y8 Spelling Tests

How to access and complete the spelling tests: Click on the logo to open memrise: Memrise will prompt you to log in. Make sure you select “Login with Google+” You will need to enter your school email: 9****** You will then be taken through the school authentication: Here you log in as usual. You’ll then be […]

Artificial Intelligence

MINI UNIT OBJECTIVES All students must xxx. (Level 5) Most students should xxx. (Level 6) Some students could xxx (Level 7) STARTER – Discussion What comes to mind when you think about artificial intelligence?  Wall:e?  The Terminator? We’re not quite at the point of fully functioning machine intelligence, but massive strides are being made in the field of […]