Year 8

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Term 2 – Python Programming

In this unit you will be introduced to using a text based programming language called Python.  You will be looking at Python in the context of creating “chatbots” and creating a digital quiz. Lesson 1 – Chatbots Lesson 2 – Introduction to Programming and Building a Chatbot Lesson 3 – Comment Code, Maths Quiz and 12x Table […]

Terms 3 and 4 – Integrated Project

In this unit you will help Thora Thunders (managing director of Mayhem Manor) come up with all the documents she needs for a new water ride.  You will help produce a model of how the ride will work, produce a spreadsheet showing the finances, produce a marketing poster and put all the information together into […]

Terms 5 and 6 – Computing Theory

In this unit you will learn how computers work.  You will learn about what is inside a typical computer.  You will learn what different types of software exist and what features they have.  You will find out what binary numbers are and why computers use binary.  You will be able to do simple binary arithmetic […]

Term 6 – ICT and Computing Theory

This term you will look at more of the theory behind ICT and Computer Science, and increase your understanding of how computing devices actually work, and also look at some of the threats and problems facing us as users of technology.

Year 8 End of Year Test

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must, Should, Could Complete End of year test, answering all questions appropriately Main Loading…

Y8 Spelling Tests

How to access and complete the spelling tests: Click on the logo to open memrise: Memrise will prompt you to log in. Make sure you select “Login with Google+” You will need to enter your school email: 9****** You will then be taken through the school authentication: Here you log in as usual. You’ll then be […]

Artificial Intelligence

MINI UNIT OBJECTIVES All students must be able to explain what Artificial Intelligence is. (Developing) Most students should explain some examples for the use of Artificial Intelligence. (Meeting) Some students could explain some possible consequences of the use of Artificial Intelligence in society (Exceeding) STARTER – Discussion What comes to mind when you think about artificial intelligence?  Wall:e?  The Terminator? We’re […]