Lesson 3 – Background and Characters

Learning Outcomes



Create a series of A4 Backgrounds for the animation


Use image editing software to create an original setting.


Also create speech bubbles and effects for use in the animation



Words to learn for this lesson are:

Composite, Graphics package, crop.


Now you need to find suitable images for backgrounds for your animation.  Have a look online, using a Google Creative Commons image search to find copyright free background images and Openclipart to find copyright free backgrounds.  You might find pexels quite useful for this.



Your teacher will show you how to open your image in a graphics package.  This could be Photoshop, Photoplus, or Gimp.  All these packages are relatively similar.  You will be Compositing aspects of different images, and then adding filters to make them more individual.

The following tutorial is for GIMP – the beauty of this package is that you can download it free of charge at home…


Speech Bubbles:

Speech bubbles for your script are easy to make.  In Microsoft word, you can just  click on “insert”, then “shape” and there are a whole variety of speech and thought bubbles that you can cut out and use.


Now you’ll have to decide on characters.  There are some simple poseable figures available for your project, but there is nothing to stop you from bringing some from home….


Next step… FILMING!!