Term 6 – Stop motion Animation

This term You’ll be learning how to create your own animation in the style of Wallace and Grommit, the Nightmare before Christmas and Morph. To do this, you’ll need to use various different software packages.

Lesson 1 – Planning

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must Make a simple “flickbook animation” Create Basic plan for animated story. Should Draft an idea for an animated story,  understanding the complexity of creating a one minute-long animation. Could Come up with a coherent story-idea for a short animation, outlining important moments in the story in the form of a storyboard. […]

Lesson 2 – Script and Storyboard

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must Create a Storyboard based on the rough plot design outlined in lesson 1. Should Write a script including stage directions for the animation. Could Make sure the script and story are coherent, well written, and convey a clear message/moral. Keywords Words to learn for this lesson are: Storyboard,  Cue, Keyframe Starter […]

Lesson 3 – Background and Characters

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must Create a series of A4 Backgrounds for the animation Should Use image editing software to create an original setting. Could Also create speech bubbles and effects for use in the animation   Keywords Words to learn for this lesson are: Composite, Graphics package, crop. Starter Now you need to find suitable […]

Lesson 4 and 5 – Making the Animation

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must Form a team.  Decide on a mutual animation idea.  Create a shared Google drive folder, source models/props, and take some photos of the models/background. Should As above, but take enough photographs of the models to creative the impression of movement (40+) Could Make an accurate animation of one of the team’s […]

Lesson 6 and 7 – Animating

Learning Outcomes Objectives: Must Create a few frames of stop-motion animation. Should Re-size all images, import into synfig and create a reasonable size of animation. Could Create a professional looking animated film with little help from teacher.  Finished film reflects the original storyboard and design. Keywords Words to learn for this lesson are: Resize, Crop, […]