Course Preparation Year 7

Learning Objectives

  • To prepare for the course
  • Join Google Classroom
  • Prepare Shared online folder structure for lessons
  • Prepare Local folder structure
  • Access School Mail account.
  • Complete Skill Audit

Learning Outcomes

All must prepare digital resources for use in the coming course.  Answer questions on current skills and aspirations for coming year

Most should Reflect on current computing level, identifying any problem areas from previous year.

Some could Suggest ways to improve  skills over the next term.

Words to learn: Google Drive, Cloud, Google Classroom


What did you like/dislike about computing last year?  What can you do to improve this term?Complete the following form: Click here!

Main 1 – Classroom

To start off with, you’ll need to join your class in google classroom.  Follow this link: Google classroom

You must log in.
Your username will be (your email address)

You will then be guided to this login page:

You log in here as you would on a school computer (your number, followed by your usual password)

Click on the “+” sign (top right), and select “Join class”.

Your teacher will give you a unique code for you to enter.  Click  “Join” and you’re good to go.  You’ll be faced with something like this:

Your teacher should have left you a welcome message post  a reply to the message to show you’ve read it.

Look to your right, and you should see a box showing you were your homework will need to be handed in (not now… in future!!)  You will have to hand any computer work in through here (by clicking on the homework in this box and following the instructions) or your teacher won’t get it!

Many courses have valuable resources (electronic guides/tutorials).  You’ll find those by clicking the “About” link.  Any important messages from your teacher will be at the top of your stream.

Main 2 – Google drive

Now head over to Google Drive, by clicking here.

You shouldn’t have to log in again, but if you do, the instructions are exactly the same as Google Classroom. You should see something much like this:

You’re going to make a folder for this term’s work, and you’re going to share that with your teacher.  Click the “New” Button, followed by “Folder”.   Name the folder.   First with your tutor group, then your name, then “computing”

Example: 9JGS John Speight Computing.

Now right-click on your folder, and select “share”.  Type your Teacher’s email address in the box.

Now one more bit of Housekeeping.

Main 3 – GMail

Make sure you access your school gmail account (again, you should already be logged in).   You will receive all notifications from google classroom, and messages about your work here… Check it regularly!!!

Please note – These are tools you will be using an incredible amount. They are all accessible on any internet connected PC.  There are very good Apple/Android apps for Classroom, Drive, and Gmail. Please use them!