Term 1 – Using Computers Safely and Legally

Welcome to Belper School’s Computing Faculty.  In this unit you will learn:

  • How to use the school network
  • How to use the Internet to help you find materials to help you and why you need to be aware of copyright
  • How to keep your personal computer safe when you are online
  • How to keep yourself safe when using the Internet
  • What cyberbullying is and what to do if you are cyberbullied
  • How to use social networking sites safely

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Lesson 1 – Using the school network

Learning Objectives To understand the rules when using computing equipment and rooms at Belper School To understand how to access computing services Learning Outcomes All must have a basic understanding of the Acceptable Usage Policy.  Know where work can be saved and have a folder structure.  Know your school email address and know how to access […]

Lesson 2 – Using the Internet for schoolwork

Learning Objectives Understand how to use the Internet effectively to help with schoolwork Understand what copyright is Know why it is important to credit sources correctly Learning Outcomes All must have a basic understanding of the differences between the Internet, world wide web and a web browser.  Complete the worksheet and found some reliable sources of […]

Lesson 3 – Keeping your computer safe

Learning Objectives Understand what threats exist to your computer Know how to protect your computer from these threats Learning Outcomes Could discuss and evaluate the different types of threat to a computer.  Complete the worksheet describing what each type of threat is and giving reasons. Should discuss the different types of threat to a computer.  Complete the […]

Lesson 4 – Keeping you safe online

Learning Objectives To understand the importance of keeping safe online To know the risks of online activity To understand how to protect yourself online Learning Outcomes All must have a basic understanding of the good and bad things about using the Internet.  Share experiences of using social media and messaging apps. Know some ways to protect yourself […]

Lesson 5 – Cyberbullying

Learning Objectives To know what cyberbullying is To understand what forms it takes and the effects it has on people To know what to do if you or someone you know is being cyberbullied Learning Outcomes All must watch the main video and the interviews with the characters.  With help form opinions and answered most […]

Course Preparation Year 7

Learning Objectives To prepare for the course Join Google Classroom Prepare Shared online folder structure for lessons Prepare Local folder structure Access School Mail account. Complete Skill Audit Learning Outcomes All must prepare digital resources for use in the coming course.  Answer questions on current skills and aspirations for coming year Most should Reflect on current […]