Term 6 – Computer Graphics


In this unit you will learn how to use a bitmap graphic editing package called Adobe Photoshop.  You will use it to enhance digital images and create a logo.  You will also use a piece of desktop publishing software called Microsoft Publisher – this will allow you to take your logo and create a menu.  You will also learn about graphics hardware and have a chance to use a digital camera and scanner to capture appropriate images for your menu.  You will also use a package called Adobe Fireworks to produce an animated banner that could be used on a website.

Lessons 1 and 2 – Hardware for Graphics
Lesson 3 – Faking It
Lesson 4 – Image Manipulation
Lesson 5 – Chip Shop Logo
Lesson 6 – Chip Shop Menu
Lesson 7 – Using Graphics Hardware
Lesson 8 – Chip Shop Animated Banner

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