Year 7

Choose the unit you are working on from the list below:

Term 1 – Using Computers Safely and Legally

Welcome to Belper School’s Computing Faculty.  In this unit you will learn: How to use the school network How to use the Internet to help you find materials to help you and why you need to be aware of copyright How to keep your personal computer safe when you are online How to keep yourself […]

Term 3 – Scratch Programming

In this unit you will learn all about Scratch which is a programming language that you might have used in primary school.  Scratch is a fully featured programming language that allows you to create programs that run on your computer. Lesson 1 – Introduction to programming with Scratch Lesson 2 – Selection in Scratch Lesson 3 […]

Term 2 – Spreadsheets (Suki and Sid’s Snow School)

Sid and Suki are mad for extreme sports, and they have set up a skate shop and a snow school in Scotland. The businesses are doing quite well, because so many teenagers are getting hooked on snowboarding and skateboarding. But they would like to make a bit more money, and they need your help! In […]

Term 4 – BBC Microbits

In this unit you will learn how to program a small microcontroller device called the BBC Microbit. You will learn how to use the programming languages Microsoft Block Editor, Microsoft TouchDevelop and Python to create programs that will run on the device. Robot Club: Computing/Tech Monster design