A1 Social Media Websites


Learning aim A: explore the impact of social media on the ways in which businesses promote their products and services.

A1 Social media websites

Developments in social media affect the way businesses promote products and services:

  • social media websites are constantly evolving and new features are introduced regularly
  • features, structure and target audience of different social media websites

What is social media?  Why is it so popular?  Why do businesses use it?  Why do social media sites change so often and what new features have been introduced recently?

A1 Social media websites

Social Media Platform comparison

The difference between …….

How businesses can use social media websites to support their business aims and needs, including:

  • creating an image or brand
  • promoting products and/or services
  • communicating with customers
  • customer service
  • resolving queries and managing issues
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Features of social media websites tailored to business needs, including:

  • advertising
  • linking to previous e-commerce site search history and display of search related adverts
  • website and mobile device integration
  • relationship to search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • profile on the sites, describing the business to visitors
  • usage data indicating the profile of followers and effectiveness of posts.
  • audience profiles (age, gender, income) of social media websites