A2 Business Use of social media

Learning aim A: Explore the impact of social media on the ways in which businesses promote their products and services.

A2:  Business uses of social media

  • Posting different content formats, e.g. text, images, video, links, polls and quizzes.
  • Content focus and meaning, e.g. information, promotion, humour, special offers and customer service.
  • Developing an audience and encouraging people to follow or ‘like’ the business through the creation and use of engaging content.
  • Developing contacts by following and linking relevant businesses and individuals, and sharing content posted by others.
  • Direct and indirect advertising.
  • Links to other commercial information, e.g. company website, e-commerce websites.
  • Relationship between social media and company website, e.g. using:
    • social media buttons on the company website
    • company website links within social media posts that encourage visits to e-commerce site to make a purchase.
    • social media news feeds on the company website