C5 Skills knowledge and behaviours

Learning aim C: Implement the use of social media in business

C5 Skills, knowledge and behaviours

  • Planning and recording, including the setting of relevant targets with timescales, how and when feedback from others, such as customers and social media followers, will be gathered.
  • Reviewing and responding to outcomes, including the use of feedback from others, e.g. customer and social media followers who can provide feedback on the quality and suitability of the features against the business requirements.
  • Demonstrating own behaviours and their impact on outcomes, to include professionalism, etiquette, supportive of others, timely and appropriate leadership, accountability and individual responsibility.
  • Evaluating outcomes to help inform high-quality justified recommendations and decisions.
  • Evaluating targets to obtain insights into own performance.
  • Media and communication skills, including:
    • the ability to convey intended meaning, e.g. written (email, design documentation, recording documentation, reports, visual aids for presentation use); verbal communication requirements (one to one and group, informal and formal situations).
    • Use of tone and language for verbal and written communications to convey intended meaning and make a positive and constructive impact on audience, e.g. positive and engaging tone, technical/vocational language suitable for the intended audience, avoidance of jargon.
    • responding constructively to the contributions of others, e.g. supportive, managing contributions so all have the opportunity to contribute, responding to objections, managing expectations, resolving conflict.