Mobile Phones

Learning Objectives

Identify and explain the features that have been included in the latest smartphone handsets.

Learning Outcomes

Must – be able to identify features of smartphones and explain how these features are useful for the end user.

Should – compare the features of each smartphone and make a reasoned argument which phone is suitable for which person.

Could – investigate phone features that have been specifically designed to meet a users end needs.

Types of Phones

Mobile phones have evolved massively over the last 30 years.  In the late 1980s, mobile phones were an expensive item, and they were usually the communication method of choice for the working business person who was on a large salary.  Thankfully, phones are much more accessible and affordable to the point that most people in the UK and the westernised world are owners and users of mobile phone devices.

The most common type of mobile phone is a smartphone.  A smartphone is a mobile which iPhone-6s-Rose-Gold-300pxcontains other features built in for the user as well as the ability to make calls and send text messages.  Smartphones nowadays resemble small computers and have programs and utilities built into the called “Apps” or Applications.  Smartphones are so advanced that they have replaced the conventional computing methods used by business people down to the traditional casual user.

It is now possible to do many tasks on a smartphone that were only done on a separate device.  This is called Convergence.   It is now possible to use a smartphone as a device to record video and take photographs; that was previously the job of a camcorder and a camera; you can also use your device as a satellite navigation system, again this task required you to purchase a separate device such as a Garmin or TomTom satnav device.

Smartphones run off a program called an Operating System.  The Operating System is the user-friendly interface that allows the user to interact with the device.  Most smartphones are operated by touch and swipe, and this has meant that buttons and keypads are no longer the methods of control when using a mobile phone.  The iPhone runs on an operating system called iOS, this is an operating system that has been built specifically for the Apple platform.  iOS has been built to sync in with other Apple devices such as the iPad and the Mac.  Another common type of operating system found on smartphones is the Android operating system.  This is commonly found on Samsung and SONY branded handsets

Task 1

Using a blank presentation use the Internet to find 3 different types of smartphones, one of the smartphones should run the Apple iOS operating system, the second phone you choose should run an Android operating system and the third should run the Microsoft Windows mobile operating system.  In your presentation, you will need to include at least 5 features built into each of all the 3 types of phones you have chosen.  You need to use the “notes” feature built into the presentation software to describe in detail how each feature will be useful to the end user.  In order to enhance your presentation, you should include screenshots of the features and the apps if necessary.

Upon completion, this presentation should be printed as a notes pages with the attached slides.

Task 2

Using the three animations which are in a file in the Q:drive, match up the features of mobile phones to the definitions.  Once you have completed the animations correctly, print screen the answers and place into a word processed document.  This should be then printed and placed into your exercise book.


Task 3

Features built for an audience.  In your exercise book, choose and describe at least 3 features that have been recently included on mobile phones which have been specifically built for a target audience (e.g. a business person).  Ensure you fully justify your reasoning in your description.


Task 1 – In your exercise book, write a detailed description of the role an IMEI number plays in registration and ownership of a mobile phone.  In your description ensure you refer to the National Mobile Police Crime unit which is involved with the crime of stolen and lost mobile phones.

Task 2 – Investigate the Rabbit telecommunication device from 1992.  Read the following blog page at this link .  Explain how the Rabbit Mobile phone worked and explain why it failed.

Exam Consolidation

Read the following chapter about what your phone can do.  Ensure you fully understand what features are on mobile phones.

Read the following chapter about decisions made in the design of mobile phones.  Ensure you fully understand the different types of phones that are available.

Read the following chapter about the design and features of mobile phones for the elderly.  Ensure you fully understand the limitations of phones to elderly users.