Lesson 0

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on the coming course – what will be needed?
  • Understand the structure of the course, and how the lessons will be divided.
  • Read through the exam Spec

Learning Outcomes

All must 

Complete the preparatory google form.  Reflect on the current understanding of Computer Science, and what will be needed over the coming months.  Join Google Classroom.  Create online folder structure, shared appropriately.

Most should

Understand the demands of the course spec.  Recognise their own strengths and weaknesses in preparing for the course.

Some could 

Identify existing skills to build on.


Words to learn:  Abstraction, decomposition, problem-solving, computational thinking.


Quickly write down the most important skills you think are needed for computer Science.  Write an explanatory sentence for each one.

Discuss your thoughts in a group.


Main 1 

Complete the following google form: Click Here!!

Now, a quick exercise to get us started:

Thinking about the skills required for Computer Science, you’re going to consider a problem.

  • Human beings find it difficult to interact with/trust robots.  Why might this be?
  • What makes a person trustworthy?
  • When you’re talking to a person, what makes you like/dislike them instinctively?

How can we make a robot display emotion?

Work in pairs:

  • List the emotions a robot would need to convey
  • What visible components would the robot need?
  • Sketch the “components” on paper.
  • Now create an arrangement of your “components” for each expression/emotion.

Easy?  Hold on.  Now give one of your components to a different person.  Your task is to call out an emotion, and each “controller” must arrange the component in the correct position….

Chaos will obviously ensue,  but how is this related to Computer Science?  We didn’t use a computer…

Write down the processes/methods you have used (Abstraction, decomposition etc)