Impact of computing – Lesson 1

Learning Objectives To understand that computers play a huge part in modern society To describe some of the implications that computer failure could cause in various aspects of everyday life To understand the impact both positive and negative that computers can have on the environment Learning Outcomes All must be able to explain the benefits and […]

Impact of computing – Lesson 2

Learning Objectives xxx Learning Outcomes All must xxx. (Grade D/E) Most should xxx. (Grade B/C) Some could xxx. (Grade A*/A) Keywords Words to learn: xxx Starter xxx Main xxx Plenary xxx

Computing and legal issues

Learning Objectives Examine the impact that computing technology is having on privacy Examine various computing security issues facing organisations Look at the legal framework relating to how computing devices are used Learning Outcomes All must using the worksheets, blogs and video clips, describe how computing technology is affecting personal privacy and the security of organisations.  Describe […]

Computing, ethics and copyright

Learning Objectives Understand the difference between laws and ethics Give examples of ethical dilemmas in Computing Examine the issues surrounding copyright and Computing Learning Outcomes All must with help fill in the worksheets with appropriate answers explaining laws, ethics and patents.  Show a basic understanding of the issues and dilemmas when considering ethics.  Have a limited understanding […]