Block 5 – Computer Networks and HTML

Topic List:

In this unit you will study the following topics in each lesson.  Click the topic that your teacher wishes you to learn about:

LANs, WANs and PANs

Learning Objectives Understand the definitions for a LAN, WAN and PAN Give examples of how each type of network can be used Design a Local Area Network Learning Outcomes All must know what LAN, WAN and PAN stand for.  With help, give at least one example for each type of network.  With help, design a […]

Topologies and Network Speed

Learning Objectives Know about the three main computer network toplogies Describe the characteristics of each type of network, along with the advantages and disadvantages Understand how file transfer speed can be calculated for a given network speed Learning Outcomes All must be able to name the three different types of computer network.  Describe the layout of […]

Network Addressing

Learning Objectives Understand that in a computer network each device must have some form of address for information to arrive at the correct destination Be able to explain that Ethernet networks use Media Address Control (MAC) addresses to address computing devices on a network Be able to explain that Internet Protocol (IP) networks use IP addresses […]

Protocols and TCP/IP

Learning Objectives Understand that for computers to communicate successfully on a computer network they must share a common protocol Know that information is usually split into packets and understand the reasons for this Understand what Internet Protocol is used for and how domain names make using IP addresses easier Understand what Transport Control Protocol is […]

The Internet and the World Wide Web

Learning Objectives Understand the history of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Know the main services offered by the Internet Understand how connections are made to the Internet Understand what a hop is when talking about Internet connections Learning Outcomes All must be able to describe some key facts about the Internet.  Describe at least […]


Learning Objectives Understand the main concepts of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) including tags, hyperlinks and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Learning Outcomes All must know what HTML and CSS are used for.  Be able to use some basic tags, hyperlinks and CSS.  Know what makes a good quality webpage. (Grade D/E) Most should be able to […]

Introduction to Networks

Learning Objectives Understand the definition of a network, and network media Give examples of different types of network media Describe in detail how data is transmitted over a network. Learning Outcomes All must know what a network is, and the role network media play.  (Grade D/E) Most should be able to give description of data transmission at its […]

Error Detection using Checksums

Learning Objectives Understand the reasons why data transmitted over a network needs to be checked for errors Understand how parity bits work to help detect and trace errors Know the advantages and disadvantages of parity bits Learning Outcomes All must watch the demonstration of parity bits in the classroom and have a limited understanding of how […]

Client Server Model and VPNs

Learning Objectives Define what a client and a server is Understand the difference between a peer to peer network and a client/server network Be able to describe common types of server and their function Understand what a VPN is and why they are used Learning Outcomes All must explain the difference between a peer-to-peer network […]