Investigating Websites

Learning Outcomes

  • to investigate different types of websites and their purpose and audiences.


MUST – Understand the different types of websites that are available online.

SHOULD – Be able to name the different design features of websites and comment on the purpose and audience of different sites.

COULD – give suitable advice to owners of websites on how they could be improved if the site is redesigned.


Below is a set of sites from the Internet as they would appear in 1996 and 1997.  They are still live.  Spend a few minutes looking at each site.

Think about the audiences and purpose of each site?

Your teacher will ask you some questions as a class about the sites.

Dole Kemp 1996 Election Campaign
 BBC Politics 97
SpaceJam Movie
You’ve Got Mail! Movie

Task 1

Using at least one of the websites above, annotate the key features for each type of website as shown in the example for the Lego Shop website shown below.   You may find it easy to do this task either in PowerPoint or Word and print it out and stick into your exercise book.


The Internet contains websites split up into 5 distinct main categories.  The 5 types of websites are:

  1. Government Websites
  2. Charitable or Non-Commercial Websites
  3. Commercial Websites
  4. Academic Websites
  5. Communications
Government Website  
Charitable/Non Commercial Website  
Commercial Website  
Academic Website  
Communications  School Intranet

Task 2

Using the 5 websites listed above, produce a report in your exercise book about the different types of websites available.

In your report you will need to address the following:

  1. What is the website called?  What is the purpose of the site and who is the intended target audience of the website?
  2. How can the website be navigated?  Is the site easy to navigate?
  3. Do the pages download quickly?  How long does the homepage take to download using a speed checker?
  4. Is the language used on the site clear and easy to understand?
  5. Are the images used on the site suitable?
  6. Is the font, layout and colour scheme used appropriately?

Screenshot and print the home page for each site and glue it into your exercise book

Task 3

Recommending Improvements to Sites

Your teacher will give you 2 websites that require some sort of improvements making to them.  In your exercise book, write at least half a page each for website recommending improvements to the sites if they were redesigned.


Find examples of 2 sites which show good and bad website design principles.  Be prepared to share these with the group.


To complete the following homework sheet ….