Introduction to the Course

Standard Ways of Working

  • All files relating to work for this qualification should be saved into the relevant folders.
  • Files should always be given meaningful names.
  • Files should start with Upper Case letters when naming them.
  • The underscore _ key should be used when putting spaces between file names.
  • Different versions of files should be saved under different file names e.g., Logo_v2.psd
  • Save files regularly using the Save option under the program, or using the Control + S keyboard shortcut.

Setting up Files and Folders

When you are completing this course you will end up with lots of versions of files.  It is important that these files are stored safely in the correct folder.

You will need to set up a filing system as shown below:


Inside your H:Drive create a new folder called “YEAR 10”.


Double click inside the YEAR 10 folder that you just created to open it.  Create a new folder called “CIDA”.


Double click on the CIDA folder that you just created to open it.  Create two new folders.  The first open should be named “DA201” and the second open should be named “DA203”.

Using your Exercise book

Notes and class activities should be taken in your exercise book unless the teacher has told you specifically to do it somewhere else.

Titles and Dates should be written at the top of every page and always underlined using a ruler.

Drawings should be made using a pencil.  Notes and classwork should be written using black or blue ink.

Any printed work should be neatly trimmed down and glued into the exercise book.  The work should not be visible outside the edges of the pages.

Using your Homework book

Homework will be set at least ONCE every 2 weeks, or every 5 lessons, whichever depends on the ways the lessons fall.  Homework should be completed inside the homework work books and submitted on time.  Students that do not submit homework on time without a valid reason which has been agreed with the teacher beforehand will be dealt with in line with the school behaviour policy.  This will involve a short detention at lunchtime/or after school.