Audience and Purpose

Learning Outcomes


  • to understand the audience and purposes of different websites.

MUST – be able to look at and identify the target audience for a site.

SHOULD – recognise the features and designs that websites use in order to address different target audiences.

COULD – be able to discuss if a website has met its primary purpose.



Formal and Informal

Websites can be structured in a Formal or an Informal way.  The way that the site is structured will depend on the information which needs to be conveyed and its target audience.

For example, Government websites are written and structured in a Formal way.  The language used on the site is written in structured formal English.

Informal Web sites are presented in an informal way.  The language used is mainly used in everyday text speak.  Informal Websites are typically Blogs and Social Media sites.

Audience and Purpose of Websites

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Level of Technology Use
  4. Language
  5. Income and Status
  6. Geographic Location
  7. Interest
  8. Purpose


You are going to produce a presentation about the Audience and Purpose of Web sites.  In the presentation, you will need to cover each of the 8 points above (Age, Gender, Level of Technology Use, Language, Income and Status, Geographic Location, Interest and Purpose).   You need to find examples of different websites to cover the 8 points above.

You should produce a minimum of 8 slides, but you may do more if you wish.  You should do a good mix of text and image.