UNIT 1 – Developing Web Products

In this unit you will be developing a website to meet a client’s needs.  This is an examined unit which will be undertaken as a 2 and a half hour exam under exam conditions.  This unit will contribute 30% towards your final grade.

The exam will be taken in early May 2018. 

Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Course

Lesson 2 – Investigating Websites

Lesson 3 – Anatomy of a Website

Lesson 4 – Domain Names and Servers

Lesson 5 – Audience and Purpose

Lesson 6 – Site Structure and File Naming Conventions

Lesson 7 – Building a Website – HTML vs WYSIWYG

Lesson 8 – Building a Website using HTML

Introduction to the Course

Standard Ways of Working All files relating to work for this qualification should be saved into the relevant folders. Files should always be given meaningful names. Files should start with Upper Case letters when naming them. The underscore _ key should be used when putting spaces between file names. Different versions of files should be […]

Investigating Websites

Learning Outcomes to investigate different types of websites and their purpose and audiences. Objectives MUST – Understand the different types of websites that are available online. SHOULD – Be able to name the different design features of websites and comment on the purpose and audience of different sites. COULD – give suitable advice to owners […]

Audience and Purpose

Learning Outcomes Objectives to understand the audience and purposes of different websites. MUST – be able to look at and identify the target audience for a site. SHOULD – recognise the features and designs that websites use in order to address different target audiences. COULD – be able to discuss if a website has met […]

Web Addresses

Learning Outcomes to investigate how web addresses are used to locate web pages. Objectives MUST – Understand how a URL is used to locate a website/web page. SHOULD – Be able to identify the different types of domain names, and the organisations which use them. COULD – Be able to recommend a URL and name […]