Certificate in Digital Applications

Level 1 and Level 2 IT Qualification

Information about the Course

Students who opt to study Level 2 ICT in Year 10 will study the CIDA course. CIDA stands for Certificate in Digital Applications and is a Level 1/Level 2 course offered by Edexcel. 

CIDA at Level 2 offers grades between A* – C.

CIDA at Level 1 offers grades between D – G

In Year 10 students will complete the first module of assessment. This is a 2 hour 30-minute practical examination called DA201 – Developing Web Products.  Students will have to design, develop and test a website to meet a client’s need.  This assessment contributes 30% overall to the students’ final grade.

For the remainder of Year 10 and all of Year 11, students will complete DA203 – Artwork and Imaging, which is a controlled assessment completed in lesson time. This unit contributes 70% towards the students’ overall final grade.  In the Artwork and Imaging unit, students will design, develop and test artwork and image based products that they have created digitally.

DA201 – UNIT 1 – Developing Web Products


UNIT 1 – Developing Web Products In this unit you will be developing a website to meet a client’s needs.  This is an examined unit which will be undertaken as a 2 and a half hour exam under exam conditions.  This unit will contribute 30% towards your final grade. The exam will be taken in […]