Christmas Challenge

Learning Outcomes



Create an animated Christmas card


Coordinate movement of Characters,   make the card tell a story!


Create “Scenic” effects, like falling snowflakes


Words to learn for this lesson are:


You’re going to use the “Scratch” software to make a nice animated Christmas Card. First you’ll need to make a “christmas_card” folder on your “h:” drive.

Good.  Now please visit open clipart and download a few images of Santa, snowmen, reindeer, in fact any nice christmassy images you can think of.  Make sure you save them in your new folder.

NOTE: Click the “small images png button”  This will make sure the images you download are transparent.

Now visit Pexels and find a nice background or two…


Ok.  For the next part, you’ll need scratch, which you can access in all programs/programming/scratch on your computer or here (if you use this link, click “create”).

You’ll need to import your background from your folder (bottom left arrow, click the folder image).

Now, you can work on creating a new character or sprite (look at the centre arrow on the image above, and choose the folder to upload an image to a new sprite).   One of your downloaded images can be imported using the “costumes” tab (right-hand arrow!).

Do this for all your images… remember you can edit the images by clicking on “costumes” and clicking the paintbrush icon.

You can enlarge or shrink your sprites (look at the circle on the picture below).


If you click on “Scripts”, you can add some code to your character…

The code above makes the reindeer move over to the left when you click the green flag…

Can you make your characters move and talk to each other?

To do this, you’ll find the “wait” function (in the control code blocks) extremely useful.

No let’s add a little Christmas cheer… look at my snowflake code below:

This will make a snowflake continually fall…   can you use random (in operators) to set the starting position of the snowflake?  Perhaps to set a random size?  Random speed?

If this works, you can then right-click and duplicate the snowflake a few times, and you’ll have a snowstorm!!

Now use your imagination to finish your card!!


Set your animation to play,  and have a look at everyone else’s cards!  You could even vote for your favourite!